How’s everyone doing?! I feel like this time of “time out” was refreshing at first. As we enter day #20482142 of quarantine, it no longer feels refreshing.

My husband and I are deemed as essential workers, so staying home isn’t really an option. We have been tag teaming during the week with the kids and I can only assume he is just as excited to go to work as much as I do. Yes, we love our kids. Yes, we love being parents… but this is torture. When I’m working from home it demands 90% of my attention. Zoom meetings, phone calls, continuous emails, reports that were due yesterday (but I was asked today), etc. Add the element of homeschooling and I’m sure we can all wonder how we haven’t become alcoholics.

I have two children, I cannot fathom anyone with more. Each teacher is teaching separately, so nothing is the same. One day it’s worksheets we need to figure out how to get printed and the others are 1min videos so you have just enough time to sit and open your email window before you hear “mommy I’m done!”. Or expecting your child/student to work independently and quickly forget that she’s only in kindergarten and can’t even read the directions or instructions of what to do. So, of course, you help her. Then you look at the clock and find that you’ve been helping her for almost an hour. Well, there goes time I should have been working. Time I probably will have to take PTO for.

I’m thankful for technology. Can you imagine this time of uncertainty without it? We wouldn’t be able to attend church, see our friends’ faces, have virtual dance lessons, or other activities. However, I’m over this. Yes, I know it’s for our health and I know it’s in our best interest to comply with the rules placed in front of us. -please keep your opinions on this at bay.

I just want to make sure everyone is ok ❤️